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Review of 'Territories' Appears in Cemetery Dance Magazine

"The music is heroic in nature, heavily instrumented and mood-driven, vaguely reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings Score." - Bev Vincent, From the Dead Zone

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Dennis receives Artist of the Month for "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came" at Gods of

Artist of the Month for 'Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came

"When a composer comes along that invigorates the genre with a unique voice, it is cause for excitement and enthusiasm. 'Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came' by Dennis Downing accomplishes this. He is really hitting his stride." - Bill Wright, Penny Whistle Androids


"Territories" CD reviewed in the Russian Federation at

"I would like to thank Dennis for his fantastic (and successful!) efforts that gave us all a chance to see and feel the reality of the Territories!" - Dmitry Golomolzin,

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"Territories" CD reviewed at the Dark Tower Compendium

"One word, one simple word, jumped into my head when I popped this little beauty into my CD player: WOW!" - Anthony Schwethelm, Dark Tower Compendium

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"Territories" CD reviewed at Liljas-Library

"One of the things that I found out when I listen to the CD though was that it gets better and better the more you listen to it. This isn't uncommon when it comes to music but it was a big difference between the first and last listening. I also found out that no matter what you do when you listen to it you get an urge to read about Roland. I'm not sure if this is because I know The Dark Tower books influenced it or if that would be the case even if I didn't know that but the fact remains. I want my Dark Tower fix when I listen to this CD." - Hans-Ake Lilja, Liljas Library

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"Court of the Crimson King" Receives a 7.9 at Gods of

"The piece is reminiscent of mythic action flicks" - Bill Wright, Penny Whistle Androids

Fan Response

"When I found your site I was overjoyed. And when I found the songs, and clicked on Gilead, I almost cried. You have been able to capture exactly what I feel when I picture Gilead. Thank you. How did you put together this wonderful piece of music?" - Taryn, California

"OK, my buddies and I, Tower junkies all, have been pining for a musical fix for YEARS -- playing 'Hey Jude' and ZZ Top's 'Velcro Fly' over and over again just wasn't cutting it anymore. Man, you've blown me away. Picking up multiple copies to surprise the crew at our annual writer's retreat -- everybody's gonna be Towerbound this summer! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now get out to Hollywood, willya? Hans Zimmer needs a friggin break!" - Rick, Huntsville, AL

"What a beautiful album; Thank you for sharing it! Your music captures the haunting beauty of The Dark Tower perfectly. It will be your music I hear as I read the end of this series." - Mia-Anne, Fremont, NE

"I just heard your track 'In the Court of the Crimson King' while searching for the work by the older progressive rock group 'King Crimson'. I have to tell you that I was STUNNED by how powerful and beautiful YOUR work is. I've just listened to it for the fifth time in a row. Thank you." - Mike, Jacksonville, FL

"Your new CD is wonderful! I especially love the song "Ka Like the Wind". It Is beautiful!!! I look forward to enjoying this CD for many years to come". - Kathy, East Harwich, MA

"Territories by Dennis Downing arrived today. The entire CD is inspired by the Dark Tower saga. Its New Age music but it is really awesome. Especially "The Court of The Crimson King". Normally I'm not a big New Age fan but this is something different. Very very well done." - Big Coffin Hunter

"I am a HUGE HUGE Dark Tower Junkie, have been since Drawing of the Three came out and this is a wonderful acompanyment to the saga. I was NOT in the slightest bit dissapointed with it. I only hope he does a follow up with the last three in the series! Dennis Downing if you ever read this, please consider doing that. Great job!" - Matthew, Massachusetts

"First off, I love the Dark Tower series. I am not normally a big fan of new age music, although I love video game music so I guess it goes. Anyway, this is a very mellow, but beautiful collection. 'Ka Like A Wind' is my personal favorite, and 'Crossing Over', which opens the CD, is also wonderful. All tracks have a unique feel to them. I recommend this CD to anyone who likes the DT series. While not an official soundtrack, each track captures the essence of the subject in its title (in my imagination at least!)" - SD, Sprinfield, MA